Esrom Tesfaye

Farm Coordinator and Agronomist

Esrom is a natural resource management expert and agronomist by profession and has a practical experience in vegetable and fruit production working with private businesses in Ethiopia and the Middle East. At GFF, Esrom is managing and supervising our organic farms, and providing practical training sessions.

At the beginning of the project, Esrom was responsible for the development of the 4,500 m2 organic farm Bishoftu Polytechnic College (BPC). Today, he supervises and coordinates the production of the farm at BPC. He also supervises our organic seed production garden. He focuses on the timely and pertinent production of a great variety of organic, tasty and nutritious herbs and vegetables while ensuring the satisfaction of weekly customers.

In addition to his role as farm coordinator, he provides training workshops on organic techniques (biopesticides, biofertilizers, compost, intercropping, etc.) to the GFF’s smallholder farmers and the local community.

Esrom is a creative person and he’s solution oriented. He excels at technical work and thives on making improvements – he has amongst other things, installed solar-powered water pumps and passive cooling systems. He brings his technical knowledge and welcomes new technology when sustainable.