Kassahun Lemi Woyessa

Project manager & In-Country Representative

Kassahun Lemi Woyessa is born and grow up in Ethiopia. He is passionate about organic agriculture and thus decided to work for the development of it in Ethiopia. He believes organic farming is a breakthrough solution to most challenges of smallholder farmers and that it has a big potential in the country.
Kassahun holds a MSc. in Organic Agriculture, specializing in Agroecology at Wageningen University of the Netherlands and a BSc in Animal Production. He worked many years in development program in the public sectors providing support in agricultural development in Ethiopia.
Recently, he worked on the GIZ supported Sustainable Use of Rehabilitated Land for Economic Development (SURED) project in Ethiopia; and for the Dalhousie University implementing an Agricultural Transformation Through Stronger Vocational Education (ATTSVE) project in Ethiopia.