A busy month

It is the final straight for our students, as they are set to pass their final exams by the end of June. The exam dates have not yet been fixed, as Ethiopia will elect their new prime minister on the 5thof June. Quite evidently, election time can disturb the official calendar of the national institution.

That being said, the month of May has been quite active for GFF! With students on the verge of entering a new chapter in their lives, we had various important activities to undertake to prepare them for what’s to come.

How to become an entrepreneur

With an unemployment rate of nearly 20%, but ripe with business opportunities, Ethiopia is a country where entrepreneurs can dream big! To nurture this entrepreneurial spirit within students, we organized a five-day training for them to open their mind to this less conventional option. We also invited three Ethiopian entrepreneurs to speak about their individual journeys and other aspects of their work. The experience was unique and extremely enriching for the students, as they had the chance to learn and discuss about innovation and ideas, while catching a glimpse of what it may take to become an entrepreneur. 

Sowing the seeds for an organic future

Education is a key element in ensuring the mainstreaming of organic agriculture in any society. On this note, we are very happy and proud to announce the validation of a new national horticulture curriculum in Ethiopia! After three years of discussions, meetings and workshops with multiple stakeholders, including the Ethiopian government, the curriculum has now been entirely revised and will include organic horticulture techniques. This means that, starting in September 2021, the organic horticulture training programme will be available in all TVETs across Ethiopia.
This represents sowing the first seeds towards the development of organic horticulture in Ethiopia, in the hope for a better future for nature and humankind. 

Stay posted

We are soon reaching the end of our first project, which was initiated three years ago. One of the more valuable lessons we learnt in this time period was how to bounce back with innovative solutions and ideas when everything seems to be failing.
 We are happy to announce that our objectives have been successfully met! We are excited to continue onto the second leg of this incredible adventure that Ethiopia has offered us. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the upcoming weeks!

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