15 August 2020:

As with many other institutions, COVID has influenced the development of our project at different levels. However, we have been able to adapt and find solutions in order to continue to progress. This pandemic has pushed us to reinvent ourselves.

Indeed, COVID has allowed us to focus our energy on increasing the production in the garden. Thanks to our teams, production has not only increased, but has also diversified.

In order to compensate for the closure of the schools, we have set up a “home gardening” project for our students. Each received a kit containing seeds, compost and natural pesticides to recreate their own garden at home. Our teams followed up on the pupils to help them in their task and give them advice. 

By the same token, we have developed our sales market and every week we make about ten basket deliveries to embassies or local businesses. 

Finally, the training of Bishoftu Polytechnic College (BPC) teachers has also continued, despite the fact that it is impossible to train them abroad. As Ethiopia does not have an organic agriculture training centre, we found an organic agriculture expert who is able to train the teachers directly at BPC. These tailor-made courses will continue throughout the year, so that organic agriculture no longer holds any secrets from our teachers.