Hundreds of new trees planted in the college garden

20 August 2020:

On the 4th August 2020, the authorities and media gathered in the college garden, alongside our students and in-country team, to take part in our big tree planting campaign. This day of festivity was an opportunity to present our curriculum and training in organic agriculture in detail. Thanks to the presence of the media and interviews conducted on site, and broadcast on the regional television channel, our training programme has gained great visibility in the country.

An investment for the future

This tree planting in the college garden is part of an environmental campaign launched by the Ethiopian government in 2019 to reforest the country. It is called the “Green Legacy” and consists of planting millions of seedlings in all areas of Ethiopia.

It is, nevertheless, also an investment for the future of the college and the upcoming generations of students. Indeed, almost a hundred fruit trees were planted to enrich the college garden. In a few years, avocado, mango, papaya, citrus (orange and lemon), guava and pomegranate will grow in the garden. Until then, our students will be able to learn how to take care of fruit trees in an organic way as it will be part of the training programme.

We were very happy to be part of this event as well as to see the interest of the authorities and the media in our training course. This heralds the blossoming of further beautiful and fruitful future collaborations and we look forward to seeing the many spin-offs which have sprouted from this day.

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