At the Green Flower Foundation we sensitize young generations to the ecological and economic benefits of organic agriculture and provide them with opportunities to gain professional and entrepreneurial skills to build a better future.
Our approach is based on three pillars: we promote organic farming, facilitate effective vocational training programs and develop an entrepreneurship mindset and skills.
That is the reason why the Green Flower Foundation developed the first organic farming training in Ethiopia.

Latest news

21 December 2020: On behalf of the entire Green Flower Foundation team, we would like to warmly thank you for your support, generous donations and collaboration throughout the year 2020. Thanks …

Curriculum level IV

21 December 2020 At the beginning of the year, we announced that level I to III of the organic horticulture curriculum had been validated. Today GFF and the Ethiopian government …

7 December 2020: As previously announced on our social networks, our students finally got the green light to resume classes at the beginning of the month. After the closure of …

3 November 2020 We have officially launched the bee project! With five new hives set up in the college garden, our students will be able to learn modern beekeeping. This …

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