We believe that we can all act in favor of sustainable development and want to share our ideas with young people

The Green Flower Foundation is a Swiss foundation which aims at developing educational projects and at promoting new techniques that encourage sustainable development. We work through partnerships with institutions, companies and individuals who share our passion for innovative education and entrepreneurship.

We are alarmed by the shrinking biodiversity, lack of vital resources, such as clean water and fertile soils, in many regions of the globe. We can already observe the negative consequences on the living conditions and food security for millions of people.

Could this reality check lead to fatalism?
Not with us! We strive to help young people to broaden their horizons, share our passion for organic farming and prosper with their families and communities.

We believe that vocational education and training is the right tool to effectively equip young people with a combination of the practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed in the reality of today’s labour markets.

We also believe that entrepreneurial skills are a necessity to identify market opportunities, create businesses (and jobs), and to ensure financial self-sufficiency.

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