Green Flower Foundation’s first harvest !

In December 2018 the students of the Bishoftu Polytechnic College planted vegetable seeds (carrots, beans, Chinese cabbage, etc.). All started with the preparation of the groundwork. They had to plan, define and prepare the soil in accordance to the seed they wanted to grow.

While the students learn theoretically in class how to grow vegetables and how to take care of their crops, they put theory into practice, at the vegetable farm. From the soil preparation to harvest. They had to study, understand and act in order to reap the benefits of their hard work.

In February 2019, the first crop was a successful achievement. The students harvested beans, cabbage, ognions and many more.


In order to further complete the training, in March 2019, the students had the opportunity to intern at different agro-companies.


The purposes of the internships are:  to confront students with the reality of the labor market and the functioning of agricultural businesses, but also to make the training known to agricultural companies likely to employ our students in the future and to develop their organic production.